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Tamee Marie Wins Pro Women’s Physique @ 2014 Titans


Congrats to our amazing Body By O Women’s Physique Pro Angels who competed this weekend at the Jon Lindsay Titans Grand Prix! You ladies did an incredible job and we have special congrats for TAMEE MARIE for winning the show! Excellent work Tamee! LOANNA MUTTONI won the 5th Place Trophy! So proud of you Loanna & we’re proud of all our Pro Angels!!

Pics of all Body By O Pro Angels will be posted shortly


1. Tamee Marie *** BODY BY O ANGELS 
2. Katerina Kyptova
3. Desunka Dawson
3. Leonie Rose
5. Loana Paula Muttoni *** BODY BY O ANGELS
6. Jodi Marchuk
7. Erin Lawson
8. Candrea Judd-Adams *** BODY BY O ANGELS
9. Twana Barnett-Ferguson
10. Marnee Winn
11. Andrea Ferreira
12. Shannon Byers
13. Marina Lopez *** BODY BY O ANGELS
14. Robin Connell
15. Natalia Batova
16. Kelli Schrader

Xavius Gayden Wins Pro Men’s Physique @ 2014 Titans


It was a fantastic weekend for TEAM BODY BY O MEN’S PHYSIQUE TEAM where they competed at Jon Lindsay’s 2014 Titan Grand Prix! XAVIUS GAYDEN won the show! Amazing job Xavius! Well deserved win! ARYA SAFFAIE won the 3rd Place Trophy! Doing great Arya! MICHAEL SAFFAIE placed 8th & DONTE TANNER placed 9th! We’re proud of all you guys!

Pics of all TEAM BODY BY O Pros will be posted shortly



1. Xavius Gayden *** TEAM BODY BY O
2. Jake Alvarez
3. Arya Saffaie *** TEAM BODY BY O
4. Joseph Lee
5. Dean Balabis
6. Nick Adams
7. Kyle Moore
8. Michael Saffaie *** TEAM BODY BY O
9. Donte Tanner *** TEAM BODY BY O
10. Jonny Bernstein
11. Tyler Anderson
12. Greg Jones
13. Carlos Ferrer
14. T.A. Martin
15. Darnell Moss
16. Kameron Bailey
16. Mariusz Czerniewicz
16. Murat Demir
16. Robert Simpson
16. Rodney Razor
16. Ronald Alexander
16. Todd Abrams
16. Tony Tirado
16. Tracy Burr

Pro Bikini Angel Krissy Chin on Cover of Muscle & Performance


Michael Anderson & Xavius Gayden in Top Ten Men’s Physique at 2014 Olympia


Our TEAM BODY BY O MEN’S PHYSIQUE competitors did an awesome job this weekend in Las Vegas at the 2014 OLYMPIA!  MICHAEL ANDERSON placed 8th, XAVIUS GAYDEN placed 9th, TYLER ANDERSON placed 10th, & ARYA SAFFAIE placed 14th. Great job guys! 



1. Jeremy Buendia
2. Sadik Hadzovic
3. Jason Poston
4. Matthew Acton
5. Stephen Cook
6. Mark Anthony
7. Anton Antipov
8. Michael Anderson *** TEAM BODY BY O
9. Xavisus Gayden *** TEAM BODY BY O
10. Tyler Anderson *** TEAM BODY BY O
11. Tory Woodward
12. German Pacheco
13. Jeff Seid
14. Arya Saffaie *** TEAM BODY BY O
15. Felipe Franco
16. Jonathan Sebastian
16. Matt Christianer
16. Tonnell Rodriguez

Sabrina Taylor Wins 5th Place Trophy Women’s Physique @ 2014 Olympia


Congrats to the incredible ladies of the BODY BY O ANGELS WOMEN PHYSIQUE TEAM! They did an amazing job this weekend at the 2014 Olympia in Las Vegas! SABRINA TAYLOR won the 5th Place Trophy! Excellent job Sabrina! KARIN HOBBS took 11th Place, TAMEE MARIE placed 15th, & ROXIE BECKLES placed 16th. So proud of you Angels!



1. Juliana Malacarne
2. Dana Linn Bailey
3. Tycie Coppett
4. Karina Nascimento
5. Sabrina Taylor *** BODY BY O ANGELS
6. Mindi O’Brien
7. La’Drissa Bonivel
8. Jillian Reville
9. Jennifer Robinson
10. Frances Mendez
11. Karin Hobbs *** BODY BY O ANGELS
12. Jacklyn Sutton-Abrams
13. Patricia Mello
14. Heather Grace
15. Tamee Marie *** BODY BY O ANGELS
16. Leila Thompson
16. Nathalie Falk
16. Olga Beliakova
16. Rachel Baker
16. Roxie Beckles *** BODY BY O ANGELS
16. Samantha Hill
16. Sandra Lombardo
16. Toni West

Julie Mayer Places 7th at the 2014 Figure Olympia


Our Pro Figure Body By O Angels did an incredible job this weekend in Las Vegas as they took the stage at the 2014 Figure Olympia! JULIE MAYER placed 7th, SASHA BROWN placed 16th & KARINA GRAU also placed 16th. We’re very proud of our Angels



1. Nicole Wilkins
2. Candice Keene
3. Candice Lewis
4. Ann Titone
5. Latorya Watts
6. Gennifer Strobo
7. Julie Mayer *** BODY BY O ANGELS
8. Dana Ambrose
9. Cydney Gillon
10. Allison Frahn
11. Alicia Coates
12. Jessica Graham
13. Camala Rodriguez
14. Wendy Fortino
15. Andrea Calhoun
16. Karina Grau *** BODY BY O ANGELS
16. Krista Dunn
16. Natalia Revajova Lenartova
16. Sasha Brown *** BODY BY O ANGELS
16. Zsuzsanna Toldi

Stacey Alexander Wins 3rd Place Trophy @ 2014 Bikini Olympia


Congrats to all of our amazing Pro Bikini Angels who competed this weekend up in Las Vegas at the 2014 Bikini Olympia! Our ladies looked gorgeous as they took the stage of one of the biggest shows of the year! Special congrats go to STACEY ALEXANDER who won the 3rd Place Trophy! Great job Stacey!!! TAWNA EUBANKS placed 8th, CANDICE CONROY placed 11th, NARMIN ASSRIA was 12th, CHRISTIE MARQUEZ 15th, ANGELA MARQUEZ 16th, CRYSTAL MATTHEWS 16th, & JENEE LEGER 16th.



1. Ashley Kaltwasser
2. Janet Layug
3. Stacey Alexander *** BODY BY O ANGELS
4. Yeshaira Robles
5. Amanda Latona
6. India Paulino
7. Sarah LeBlanc
8. Tawna Eubanks *** BODY BY O ANGELS
9. Noemi Olah
10. Stephanie Mahoe
11. Candice Conroy *** BODY BY O ANGELS
12. Narmin Assria *** BODY BY O ANGELS
13. Vladimira Krasova
14. Lacey DeLuca
15. Christie Marquez *** BODY BY O ANGELS
16. Angela Marquez *** BODY BY O ANGELS
16. Brittany Taylor
16. Christina Fjaere
16. Crystal Matthews *** BODY BY O ANGELS
16. Dayna Maleton
16. Jenee Leger *** BODY BY O ANGELS
16. Jessica Arevalo
16. Kelsie Clark
16. Nikola Weiterova
16. Noy Alexander
16. Sandi Forsythe
16. Taylor Bentson

Julie Mayer Wins 2014 Tahoe Pro Figure

Congrats to IFBB Figure Pro Angel JULIE MAYER who won the 2014 Tahoe Pro Figure this weekend in beautiful South Lake Tahoe! Excellent job Julie!! IFBB Pro Figure Angel SHALAKO BRADBERRY did an awesome job & placed 6th! Well done Shalako! So proud of both of you!





2014 IFBB Tahoe Pro Figure Results (score is after the name)
1. Julie Mayer *** BODY BY O ANGELS
2. Wendy Fortino
3. Andrea Calhoun
4. Allison Frahn
5. Krista Dunn
6. Shalako Bradberry *** BODY BY O ANGELS
7. Bojana Vasiljevic
8. Jami DeBernard
9. Beckie Boddie
10. Sarah Dominguez
11. Michell Shepherd
12. Katrina Tarbox

Pro Bikini Angels Justine & Candice Win 2nd & 3rd Place Trophies @ 2014 St Louis Pro

Congrats to IFBB Pro Bikini Angels JUSTINE MUNRO, who won the 2nd Place Trophy, & CANDICE CONROY who won the 3rd Place Trophy at the 2014 St. Louis Pro this weekend! Excellent job ladies! You looked incredible!




1. Brittany Taylor
2. Justine Munro *** BODY BY O ANGELS
3. Candice Conroy *** BODY BY O ANGELS
4. Bianca Berry
5. Noemi Olah
6. Jessica Arevalo
7. Caryn Paolini
8. Kamilah Powell
9. Solmay Hernandez
10. Janet Harding
11. Svetlana Eregina
12. Shawn Hektor-Lewis
13. Tanya Rachan

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